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Recent Obituaries

Name Death Date
Gladys "Toni" Innerst Zartman01/24/2015
Grace (Grim) Roseman01/23/2015
Alverna J. "Toot" (Moore) Miller01/23/2015
Donald E. "Don" Armstrong01/21/2015
Ernest "Spurg" Hoffman01/20/2015
Virginia I. (Graham) Markel01/20/2015
Treacy Ann Morton01/20/2015
Erma E. “Guppy” (Warner) Lippy01/20/2015
Ferne B. (Gohn) Raub01/20/2015
Guy J. Alosa, Jr.01/20/2015

Previous Obituaries

Name Death Date
Terry L. Eckenrode01/11/2015
Pansy A. (Willwert) Ness01/11/2015
Daniel T. Severns01/11/2015
Jacob Thomas Linn01/10/2015
Iva (Becker) Nace01/09/2015
Dolores L. (Nicholas) Elfner01/09/2015
Phyllis V. (Kling) Dellinger01/09/2015
James H. Vogelsong01/08/2015
Rosemary (Royce) Vukmanic01/08/2015
Norma Isabel (Smith) Klunk01/07/2015

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